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Ten Principles Of Behavior

First, take the initiative: Work must take the initiative, work to find, advocate "I want to do" and oppose "I want to do it."

Second, positive: Your work attitude is positive and aggressive, and it is against passiveness. Positive attitude positive results, negative attitude negative results.

Third, advance: To be motivated and actively strive to engage in "big work." To have the ambition to “sweep the world”, “sweeping a house” can only make your pattern and vision narrow.

Fourth, not afraid of difficulties: To meet difficulties, courage to challenge difficult jobs, only to complete difficult work, can we make progress and improvement, ordinary work is prone to mediocrity.

Fives, Never retreat: People are most afraid of not having a goal, and it is not easy to have a goal. Once a job is started and before it reaches its goal, don't give up, and there must be a spirit of never giving up.

Six, take the initiative to attack: take the initiative to attack, to be the pusher of all things, to take things to go, do not be chased away.

Seven, The lofty ideal: Whenever there is a mid-to-long-term plan, long-term plans will only endure in the long-term, and will only be done in the long-term, so as to gradually produce momentum and perseverance in the right direction.

Eight, Be self-confident and self-reliant: Only when you believe in yourself and become self-confident will you have the courage to persevere.

Nine, ready at all times: Diligently observe and think in a comprehensive manner, establish everything about yourself, always shut down your own style of work, be clear about everything and take the initiative to provide necessary assistance. This is service.

Ten, Do not be afraid of setbacks: Communication and discussion work is not afraid of arguments and mistakes. It is not afraid of being criticized. It is not afraid of friction. Without setbacks, there will be no progress. Without friction, you will become mean and incompetent.