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Listen to Confucius's "adult": how to "grow up", Confucius puts forward two plans.

Adults, all people. Or, it's a perfect man.

Is there a "adult" in the world? Confucius said, yes. No, when his disciple asked "adults", that is, how to be a perfect man, Confucius put forward two plans explicitly.

One is the idealized "adult". This kind of adult has the advantages and advantages of all kinds of outstanding outstanding characters. For example, there are both "Zang Wu Zhong Zhi", "no desire for public nickname", and "Bian Chuang-tzu's courage", and at the same time, he can not lack the "ran". Only this is not enough, but it should be "rite and music". In this way, "it can be an adult." ("the Analects of Confucius")

Confucius's idealized "adult" has become a reality, but it is hard for ordinary people to achieve it. For example, Bian Chuang-tzu's "bravery". Can he beat the tiger by hand? Is this what ordinary people can do? Again, Zang Wu Zhong's "knowledge". When Qi Zhuang Gong asked him to seal the ground, he did not know what channel was passed and could expect Qi Zhuang Gong to be killed, so he came up with one thousand reasons and ten thousand refusal to refrain, so that he had not been implicated later. Can he be smart enough to do that? The answer is obviously negative.

Confucius is very clear about it. Such people, only can meet, not to ask. Maybe, only one in 500 years! However, this does not prevent the emergence of adults in reality. For this reason, Confucius put forward the plan two, namely the reality version of "adult". Confucius said, "why do we need perfect people now? As long as you can "see lisaiyi, be ready to die for, life can also keep preceding promise in mind, for adults." ("the Analects of constitution") means that in today's society, as long as you can see the wealth and benefits, consider the moral, the danger, will give life; long and poor days, still do not forget the peace promise, can be a perfect person.

Confucius learned, but does not talk. He can often start from problems, and solve practical problems as the first choice. Perhaps, in the eyes of his old gentleman, and tomorrow ever become immortal, as today "adult site". This "adult", that is, a perfect person, should be "finished" in the ground air, and "beauty" is on the flag. Grounding gas cannot be separated from reality, and a flag cannot be separated from responsibility. What is the reality of Confucius's life? To sum up in a word: old people; even the falling of ceremony, hesitation, and inspiring. In the face of such a turbulent time, with the view of Confucius, the perfect person should dare to face, dare to shoulder, dare to forget profit and "think well". At the critical moment, at the critical moment, dare to rush up and go out. No matter the rich and the poor, the promise will win a thousand gold, especially in poverty, do not forget the original promise and dared to the heart. The goal of the instrument is "know what can not be done for it" ("Analects of Confucius, constitutionalism").

Listen to Confucius speak "adult", let a person feel, not a perfect man, in our life. The ancient Jiao Yulu, Gu Wenchang, Yang Shanzhou, as well as the "most beautiful mother", "the most beautiful woman", "the most beautiful pregnant woman" and so on, which do not let us feel that they are "adults".

Listening to Confucius's "adult" is very urgent. "Adults" are all strict demands for themselves. Yan in slim Yan, with the right strict, strict self-discipline. In their words, but the ability to pass road to heaven and earth, but of all things. Therefore, it is believed that the high is not as high as the high, the potential is not as good as the virtuous respect, thus the cutting, the power and the responsibility are not pushed, the work does not do the matter of "saying, saying, doing," in the work, and not in the life "for a moment especially indignant, but after the afterthought" (Lu Xun). Regardless of prosperity or adversity, faith is the same as Shi Jian.

Listen to Confucius's "adult" and make people clear. "Adults" are real people. It is true to seek facts, to start a business, and to be a man. This kind of reality, embodied in daily life, is an ideal, but not idealized, but an ideal as a guide to action, to face reality, to solve practical problems, to grasp the reality of a minute to do, and never want to talk about a whole year. Especially in the social transformation, mark of economic transition, the use of manual generation of the tongue, dare to play a draw. It is firmly believed that if things fail, they will not suffer from difficulties. The problem is always in the middle.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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