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Bird feeder

Product Name: bird feeder

Product Model:TLKS-PSM-VI

Product Note: Recommended New Product - Bird Remover

Product Category: Bird repeller series

I. Overview 

With the increasingly intensive network of transmission lines, in recent years, bird nesting on the tower has become increasingly serious, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the circuit, pollute the porcelain bottle, and cause serious accidents such as tripping.

Second, the working principle

The birdcage products are installed in a suitable location on the crossbar tower to guide the birds to nest in the cage. Bird droppings, foliage, etc. will not fall on porcelain vases or wire conductors, which will solve the problem of bird damage on transmission lines. This kind of bird cage is framed by stainless steel wire rods and welded internally by stainless steel mesh. It is securely mounted on the tower by four stainless steel self-locking belts. It is easy to install and never rusts.

Third, the basic parameters

The birdcage is made of 5 pieces of stainless steel frame by touch welding and internally welded with 5 pieces of stainless steel mesh.

Fourth, product characteristics

1. High strength: Each piece of frame is made of stainless steel after special welding.

2, easy to install: just put the birdcage above the line hanging point, through the four stainless steel self-locking belt tensioning both installed.

3, anti-corrosion performance: bird cage stainless steel, durable, never rust.